Marie Johnston writes steamy small town and urban contemporary romance because love knows no population limit. She also pens paranormal romance with a wicked bite because as all paranormal lovers know, a good vampire story never dies. She’s thrilled to claim the title of RITA® Finalist.

A die-hard romance reader, she once tried to read a non-romance fiction book in an effort to expand her literary horizons and made it to page three. Her conclusion was “life’s too short to not read romance” and she’s dedicated her life to supplying you with plenty of stories to keep the romance in your life.

Here’s what readers have to say:

-It’s fun and sexy and he is oh so adorable and the reason behind his dark past is totally understandable.
-I will definitely be buying the next book in the series to see if it is as interesting as this one was.
-This series has much intrigue and action, as well as steamy romance.
-Terrific book, plenty of action, drama, romance and sex. Plenty of shifter action both good guys and bad. Highly recommended.

Don’t know where to start with Marie’s books? Here’s a reader’s guide to get or keep you going.

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