A Fearless Memory

Series: Oil Knights #4
Release Date: May 16, 2024
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The only thing I admire more than the old farmhouse next door is the guy who owns it. My best friend’s brother.

I didn't mean to give my hot neighbor a full peep show when my puppy locks me outside in nothing but a towel. Yet Austen Knight pretends he didn’t see everything and offers me an interior design job—help him renovate the farmhouse I’ve adored since I was a kid.

I’m a single mom trying to run a business in a small town. I can’t be alone with Austen day in and day out without igniting rumors that could hurt the career I’ve worked so hard for. But I need the money, and he’s leaving after the house is done and goes on the market.

Turns out, renovating with him is fun. Working with him is addicting. And I look forward to our cold beer together after a long day. When works turns to pleasure, I should put a stop to what we’re doing, it’s not professional, but I can’t.

Austen reignites something in me that I left behind long ago. He’s become so much more than my friend’s brother and my neighbor, but he’s going to be gone soon. Guys always leave in the end. I’ll be a struggling single mom again, and he’ll be nothing but a fearless memory.

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