An Endless Memory

Series: Oil Knights #5
Release Date: August 15, 2024
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Move out or get married. Those are my options, thanks to the trust my grandma left behind.

From Marie Johnston comes a single mom, marriage of convenience romance.

My aunt is determined to see to the terms of the inheritance. If I don’t get married, I’ll have to find somewhere I can afford with two kids and a lot of debt—and do it without losing my brand new job. When she confronts me on the moveout deadline, I try to buy time. I blurt out a name. I tell her I’m engaged to Eliot Knight.

Eliot’s my boss’s brother, and he’s been around the vet clinic where I work. He’s hot. He’s charming. He’s who I’d pick if I had to marry someone at a moment’s notice. But he wasn’t supposed to hear me. He wasn’t supposed to get dragged into my mess. And he wasn’t supposed to agree to help me. Now, we’re Mr. and Mrs. Knight.

We only need to be married for a year, and he runs his family’s ranch in another town. Three hours away. Yet circumstances keep throwing us together, and I get a lot of time with my new husband. I enjoy his company. His...touch. I fall hard the first time I heard him say “my wife.”

But our lives are still separate. At the end of the year, I’m afraid I’ll get to keep my house, but I’ll lose my heart and be left with nothing but endless memories.

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