Corrupt Fire

Series: Angel Fire #5
Release Date: July 12, 2022
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One minute Tosca is a respected enforcer angel in her realm having a drink with someone she considers a friend. The next minute she wakes up beside a dead body.

Now enforcers she used to supervise are trying to arrest her for murder. Escaping to Earth only makes her look guiltier, but she needs time to figure out how to clear her name. And in case she isn’t having a bad enough time, the warrior hunting for her has starred in way too many of her naughty dreams. 

As a warrior angel, Bronx flies under the radar, carrying out secret missions for his director and avoiding a cute but infuriating enforcer. Then Tosca goes on the run. She was the bane of his existence and now she’s his assignment. 

Except once he finds his little enforcer, he doesn’t know what to do with her. Bringing her back to their realm and letting her face her punishment would solve a lot of his problems. But his gut tells him she’s innocent. If that’s the case, returning would mean her death. Yet working with her to learn who framed her and why just might be the end of him.

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