Series: Corrupted and Cherished Duet #1
Release Date: March 7, 2023
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As a burgeoning designer in LA, I’ve gotten used to upsetting people. That’s where my father’s money comes in handy. I can afford to ignore all the right people and focus—because I have a strict timeline. But when I anger the wrong person, someone comes after me who isn’t interested in cutting out patterns. Which I was doing with sharp scissors when the attack happened.

Now I have two problems. I don’t know who wants me dead. And what do I do with the body?

The next intruder doesn’t want to hurt me, and he won’t tell me how he knows there was a hit out on me. He says I have to leave. With him. I’ve always stood my ground. But Kase Donovan is bigger, stronger, and more determined. He drags me away from everything I’ve worked for, and I hate to admit—I don't put up much resistance.

Corrupted is the first book in the Corrupted and Cherished duet. Holland and Kase's story will continue in Cherished.

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