Eternal Fire

Series: Angel Fire #5
Release Date: May 16, 2023
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Persephone used to be the angelic version of a rich mean girl. Her parents are powerful angels in the realm. She was born with a silver harp by her crib. But her zest for life and love of bad jokes was quashed by parents who made her feel worthless. So she proved them right. Until she trusted the wrong person and suffered wounds that’ll scar her for the rest of her eternal life.

Urban used to be an angelic warrior who was equal parts work and play. And one day he had enough of a certain spoiled angel and said something he couldn’t take back. But then he found himself standing over the beautiful female with injuries no immortal could recover from.

During recovery, the warrior who once verbally gutted Persephone stayed by her bedside. He even got her telling jokes again. He built her up instead of tearing her down. He helped her wonder what if.

What if her parents and the rest of the realm are wrong? What if a privileged angel with no talent can make something of herself? What if she deserves love? And Urban’s with her the whole way—until danger threatens the realm and he’s the one blocking her path. 

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