King’s Country

Series: Oil Kings #4
Release Date: June 7, 2021
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I’m used to being the wicked witch of the west, from my red hair down to my pointed cowboy boots. My controlling daddy was a mean drunk and his passing left me with overdrawn accounts and a failing ranch. I might be a little cranky, a whole lot defensive, and even more desperate to save my land from being swallowed up by the neighbors my family’s been feuding with for generations.

The Kings already have everything—money, looks, and charm. They can’t have my home too.

Everyone loves to hate me. Everyone just plain loves the Kings, especially the youngest and hottest brother, Dawson.
I’ve had it easy my whole life, I admit it. I took over the ranch for my dad and am even more successful. I have the best views, skilled employees, and live in a town named after my family.
The only thing I don’t have is someone to share my big house with. So when I rescue my injured neighbor from freezing to death, I insist she stay at my place until she recovers.

Unlike me, Bristol has no one else willing to help her.

But our time together only highlights how differently we grew up. Bristol’s had nothing but pride for so long, it’s hard to get close to her. And I want to get very close to Bristol. I don’t care if the whole town loves me. I’m only interested in earning the love of one woman. But for a guy who’s gotten everything, Bristol’s heart might be out of my reach.


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