Make Me Blush

Series: Oil Barrons #3
Release Date: August 16, 2022
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DATING IS MY LAST PRIORITY when I move my kids to a small town after a sudden divorce. It’ll be easier to be a single, working mom of four, and I won’t have to watch my ex with my former coworker. So when I get away for a night to throw myself a nice little pity party in a neighboring small town, I don’t expect to get hit on by the tastiest guy I’ve ever seen.

We talk about everything but the important stuff. I live a little and steam up his back seat windows. I’ll never see him again, so why not? But I forgot what a small world Coal Haven can be.

I DON'T LIKE MY REPUTATION of being a commitment-phobe, but I earned it. So why can’t I forget the woman who slipped out of the back seat of my pickup—and my life—in the most effortless way possible? I barely got her first name.

When my cousin coerces me into coaching an elementary school football team, I give in. But I come face-to-face with my hookup…and she’s my worst nightmare wrapped in all my wildest fantasies. A single mom with no time for me or my BS. Maybe it’s time to get more than her first name.

*This book references infant loss

**Cover photo credit: Wander Aguiar

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