Make Me Shiver Audio

Series: Oil Barrons Audio #2
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I haven’t seen my husband for a year and a half before he shows up on my family’s ranch asking for an annulment. 

Archer’s a corporate guy with the condo in the city, the expensive car, and the snooty friends I was never good enough for. And I’m not the girl he thought I was—polished, refined, and classy. I’ve got dirt on my boots—and in my hair, dusting my face, and covering my old truck. Our marriage was never going to work. I should just sign the papers.

But I don’t. I ignore him like he’s done to me for the last 18 months.

Then one day, he rescues a calf from the mud, claims he’s a simple country boy at heart, and he wants to work things out. But it’s really hard to concentrate on what he’s saying when he’s undressed on my porch to keep from getting the house dirty.

True to his word, he doesn’t give up. Next thing I know, he’s cutting hay, getting to know his long lost relatives—the ones who are really surprised to find out I’m married and to a Barron. Did I mention I didn’t tell anyone I’d gotten married?

Well, the secret’s out, and my husband isn’t hiding. But in the end, the job he’s so proud of is across the country and I can’t leave my parents with a failing ranch and no help. I won’t trade my identity like I did last time, but the husband I’m finally getting to know might decide he’s a city guy after all.

Narrated by Avery Caris and Jack Maverick

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