Playing Hard: A Novella Collection

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Three sports romance novellas all in one.


My ex-husband coached hockey with Hayden and our sons played hockey together, but now my ex is in paradise with Hayden's ex-wife. Since the fallout, I've successfully avoided Hayden and hockey since. But my son plays and Hayden wants him on the team. I want a quiet life with no more drama, but I also want my son to go back to the sport he loves.

Being around Hayden reminds me of our old friendship, and how easy it is to talk to him. Until one minute we're talking and the next minute...we're so far into each other that I can't think straight. The only problem is neither of us wants a repeat of when our exes got busted together, and our sons haven't gotten over our divorces.

Finish Line

Only I knew it was my last race. And he took the win from me. The most feared and respected coach stole my win, and I plan to tell him exactly how I feel about it. But when I do, things change between us. There's no longer a divide between coach and athlete. He's everything I want. And everything I can't have. Because as soon as I crossed that finish line, my life started heading in another direction and it's a race I may not finish.


I thought he would be glad I got fired as the team's athletic trainer. The head coach and I didn't get along. But when he came into my office as I was packing my things, it wasn’t to gloat. Definitely not what happened. A short and hot read.

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