Series: Ruined #1
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A ruthless tycoon wants to ruin my company, but I’m not prepared for how badly he wants me. 

I’m a self-professed daddy's girl, but now he’s gone and I’m left to run the company that's become my life, my passion. Until I get a visit from a lawyer with demands from a mysterious tycoon. The terms are clear: marry Jacobi Dixon or he'll spill all my dad’s dirty secrets, revealing a past that could tank the company.

So, fine. I’ll marry him. I’ll protect my company. But before I say my vows I’ll run to Cabo San Lucas and get myself good and ruined first.

I don’t know anything about my future husband, just like I don’t know how badly he wants what should've been his in the first place. It's not just my company, it's me.

*Redeem was originally published as the duet Ruined and Redeemed.

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