The Dragon’s Affirmation

Series: Peridot Dragon Shifter Series #3
Release Date: May 11, 2023
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Introducing humans into our world is dangerous enough, but when my twin's mate has a worried brother who charges in at the wrong time to see me in full dragon mode, it’s downright deadly. To save all our scale covered behinds, I take the brother as my mate. I might’ve spared him, but I’m the one who has to live with a guy who’s bitter about our circumstances and revolted by me.


Memphis is the most sinful looking woman I’ve ever met. But that’s the problem. She’s not a woman. I’ve seen what she can do and it’s terrifying. I’m a doctor. Violence and chaos turns me off—until I get a glimpse of the toll being a ruler of a small town full of dragons takes on her. Yet if I start seeing her as a partner, a real person, I have to accept that I gave up everything to keep my sister safe. My practice. My home. My lonely single life. I’m little more than a prisoner, but the more I’m around Memphis, the harder it is to care.

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