The Dragon’s Word

Series: Peridot Dragon Shifter Series #1
Release Date: Nov 21, 2022
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I roll into town, planning to only meet the cat shifter female my family wants me to mate, when I witness a lovely vision walking across the street. That same beauty, with hair of spun gold, is challenged by a male in the parking lot. He wants her as his own, to dominate, to destroy. But there’s one problem. She happens to be the girl I’m supposed to meet. So I stake my claim.


All I wanted to do was lay low. I’m a target for people who want to get to my grandmother to lead the pack. But when I’m challenged, another guy steps in and says he’s supposed to be my mate. He’s a dragon shifter, and he’s devastatingly handsome. It’s hard to say no, but all he has to offer me is the same of what I have. Isolation and violence. No thanks. But Levi’s determined to show me how sizzling being alone with him can be.

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