Oil Barrons

Make Me Whole

I had a perfect life. School teacher. Married to my high school sweetheart. Little starter house that we called charming but was really just old. All I needed was the two-point-five kids and I’d be living my dream. Then my husband died.

After the funeral, I had a breakdown that lasted for a month…or twelve. But now I’m reemerging, healing, and finding my way. It’s time to learn who I am, and whether or not I can fix a leaky sink. And by my side the entire time is my husband’s best friend Liam Barron. The single dad knows a thing or two about personal struggles, and about how to replace faucets.

With Liam, I feel alive again. Confident. Capable. Liam has become my best friend too. Except if my parents, my in-laws, and the rest of the town had any say, I’d stay far away from the former bad boy. How do I tell them what’s so hard to admit to myself? That I’m starting to look at him like he’s more than a friend. That the heat in his eyes when he looks at me is also far beyond friendly. That like it or not, I’m ready to move on, and I want to do it with him.

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Make Me Shiver

I haven’t seen my husband for a year and a half before he shows up on my family’s ranch asking for an annulment. 

Archer’s a corporate guy with the condo in the city, the expensive car, and the snooty friends I was never good enough for. And I’m not the girl he thought I was—polished, refined, and classy. I’ve got dirt on my boots—and in my hair, dusting my face, and covering my old truck. Our marriage was never going to work. I should just sign the papers.

But I don’t. I ignore him like he’s done to me for the last 18 months.

Then one day, he rescues a calf from the mud, claims he’s a simple country boy at heart, and he wants to work things out. But it’s really hard to concentrate on what he’s saying when he’s undressed on my porch to keep from getting the house dirty.

True to his word, he doesn’t give up. Next thing I know, he’s cutting hay, getting to know his long lost relatives—the ones who are really surprised to find out I’m married and to a Barron. Did I mention I didn’t tell anyone I’d gotten married?

Well, the secret’s out, and my husband isn’t hiding. But in the end, the job he’s so proud of is across the country and I can’t leave my parents with a failing ranch and no help. I won’t trade my identity like I did last time, but the husband I’m finally getting to know might decide he’s a city guy after all.

Make Me Shiver is a standalone novel in the Oil Barrons series.

*This book has suicide discussions regarding a secondary character.

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Make Me Blush

DATING IS MY LAST PRIORITY when I move my kids to a small town after a sudden divorce. It’ll be easier to be a single, working mom of four, and I won’t have to watch my ex with my former coworker. So when I get away for a night to throw myself a nice little pity party in a neighboring small town, I don’t expect to get hit on by the tastiest guy I’ve ever seen.

We talk about everything but the important stuff. I live a little and steam up his back seat windows. I’ll never see him again, so why not? But I forgot what a small world Coal Haven can be.

I DON'T LIKE MY REPUTATION of being a commitment-phobe, but I earned it. So why can’t I forget the woman who slipped out of the back seat of my pickup—and my life—in the most effortless way possible? I barely got her first name.

When my cousin coerces me into coaching an elementary school football team, I give in. But I come face-to-face with my hookup…and she’s my worst nightmare wrapped in all my wildest fantasies. A single mom with no time for me or my BS. Maybe it’s time to get more than her first name.

*This book references infant loss

**Cover photo credit: Wander Aguiar

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Make Me Dream

Stetson Barron has been the center of my world since I was twelve. But with our ten-year age difference and my quirky nature, I didn’t think I was more to him than his little sister’s what color is her hair this month best friend. Until one hot summer night when I climbed him like a water tower at his cousin’s wedding.

And then he didn’t talk to me for weeks after.

A pink plus sign and an OMG what am I going to do? later, the trailer I lived in with my mom burned down. Stetson showed up at the ER like a country knight on a diesel-powered steed, arranged a place for my mom to stay, and took me home with him.

The weeks of radio silence after our hookup left me wary. I’d been into Stetson for too long not to lose myself in him given half the chance, and now that his attention’s fully on me, I’m sinking. My mom was in the same place as me once, and I refuse to be an obligation to a guy, even if he’s the man of my dreams.

Cover photo credit: Wander Aguiar

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Make Me Exhale

If I wanted to deal with a man just like my uptight dad, I would’ve told my parents what my brewery plans were.

Only I didn’t tell anyone. I waited for my trust fund to deliver, and I bought the old train depot I’ve been eyeing for years. It’s finally mine and ready to restore into the region’s best brewery and event center. Then McCoy Cunningham shows up.

I’m told he’s the best. He knows both side of the business—the contracting and the brewing. But all I’ve gotten from him are dismissive grunts. I’m in this, though. I can’t back out now.

And I refuse to be meek little Isla Barron anymore. I’m tired of being underestimated. McCoy might think he’s the expert, he might look at me like I should be in diapers with pigtails, but he’s wrong if he thinks he can bulldoze me.

All it takes is one look. One time I catch him eyeing me with something other than disdain. One conversation where we’re geeking out over yeast strains and hops. And one kiss that leads to more.

But I promised myself I’d never settle for a guarded man who thinks he knows everything, especially one with secrets that control his life.

Cover photo credit: Wander Aguiar

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