First to Lie

I’m living the dream. My comic book shop supports me and my ailing mother, and I have a chance to buy the strip mall it's in. For only a dollar. That is until my dear friend and landlord dies before the sale, leaving the place to his estranged son who plans to shut my store down and sell the building.

If only I can confront my new landlord and convince him how much the place means to me, and how much it meant to his father. But he’s ignoring my calls and my emails, so I take it one step farther and track him down in his nightclub. I should’ve done my research first.


I inherited all my dad's assets and ambition, but none of his gullibility. Some young thing tried scamming him out of a place worth millions and she thinks she can fool me. So imagine my surprise when I hit on an insanely hot woman at my nightclub and learn she's the persistent comic book shop owner I’ve been avoiding.

She stopped in to find me, but has no idea who I really am. It's time to teach her a lesson. Using a fake name, I get close to her. The only problem is, I want to keep getting closer and to do that I have to keep lying.

First to Lie is a full-length standalone novel in the Unraveled series. It was previously published as Unmistaken Identity in the now obsolete Fanboys series.

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First to Bid

In high school, my crush on Flynn wasn't so secret, but he was so far out of my league that I didn’t care. I had more important things to survive. Ten years have passed, I’ve built a new life, and it’s my lucky day. He's one of the eligible bachelors in the fundraising auction I'm helping organize.

I saved money to donate to an organization that helped me escape a bad situation, but if I can give it to the same cause and buy a week away with Flynn, why not?


The girl I once knew as Crazy J, the one obsessed with me in high school, just won a week with me at my lake cabin. I’ve built my empire on reputation, it’s how I land accounts worth millions, but Tilly Johnson gives zero thought to what people think of her. From her Wacky Monday work clothes to her raucous laughter, I should be cringing every time she walks into the same room as me and opens her mouth.

Only I'm starting to crave it. I want more of what Tilly has to offer. Until her reputation clashes with one of my biggest accounts and threatens to bring my world crashing down. Helping her could cost me everything.

First to Bid is a full-length standalone novel in the Unraveled series. It was previously published as Highest Bidder in the now obsolete Fanboys series

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First to Fail

By day, I'm a strict principal of a private school filled with wealthy families like the one I grew up in. By night, I'm a lithe assassin with a penchant for latex and roller derby. At least my cosplay character is, and I never let my personal life bleed into my professional one. Until the handsome comic book shop owner I had a steamy session with at the local comic con walks into my office.

Chris is the father of one of my students, and completely off limits. I wouldn’t be a good role model for all my young students if I trashed my career over a guy, not even one I can’t quit thinking about.


As a business owner and single father, I don’t have time to date. But when work and pleasure collide in a dark corner of the local comic con, I’m willing to make dating a priority. Only the hot cosplayer in the tight body suit disappears in the crowd before I get her real name.

When I see her again, she’s behind an imposing desk, wearing eye glasses instead of a mask, and reprimanding my daughter. Natalia’s determined to keep our roles strictly professional, but I’m determined to get another taste of the uninhibited woman hidden under that business suit.

First to Fail is a full-length standalone novel in the Unraveled series. It was previously published as Based on Principal in the now obsolete Fanboys series.

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