Craig Trenton hated to be away from his wife, but loved his job of shooting jets off the aircraft carrier. But four months into his Navy deployment, mail day brought divorce papers. Willing to test out his newfound bachelorhood during Fleet Week two months later, Craig strikes up a conversation with a stunning redhead looking for her own good time.

Audrey Clemens didn’t want to be the hookup who showed up on Craig’s doorstep with a startling announcement. While he was determined to create a life with her, she was intent to make her own way, unwilling to settle with a man just because he felt it was his duty.

​When Craig leaves for several months of training, he worries he’s missed his chance at convincing the beautiful artist to commit to a life of roaming the world with him.


Navy Lieutenant Kane Swenson wasn’t heading into Fleet Week looking for a hook-up, definitely not lasting love. This Fleet Week, he was tasked with fulfilling best man obligations for his brother, but their dinner out led him to a beautiful, fuming Olivia Penguilly. He makes it his mission during Fleet Week to convince the sharp beauty he’s worth more than a few days, he’s worth a lifetime.

Olivia was done with men, especially ones who constantly put their career before their relationships. When Kane hits on her, right after she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend, she’s willing to indulge herself in a little flirtation with the handsome sailor. Then she finds out he’s not only career military, he also lives in another state and is being deployed for several months. Olivia soon realizes a quick fling with Kane is not enough, but how can she commit to a man she just met, who is contractually obligated to put his career before his personal life?