Conflict of Interest (Book 1)

2018 Aspen Gold Readers Choice Contest Winner

After returning home from the Army, Dillon honors his father’s last request to get help for his “drinking problem,” but it’s a waste of time. He has other matters to worry about than the few beers he has after work…every day.

When Dillon Walker swaggers into Elle Brady’s office, she fully understands the appeal of a small-town farm boy. He’s handsome, charming, helps run his family’s successful farm and ranch, and he’s definitely interested in her. Too bad she’s an addiction counselor still caring for her recovering alcoholic father, and she’s more than gun-shy of someone with Dillon’s baggage.

Elle scraps their professional relationship after a smoldering kiss. She attempts to quit seeing Dillon altogether until his truck is stolen and used in a crime, and only she can provide an alibi. As she falls for him, her past with alcoholism taunts her with all the reasons why a future with Dillon won’t work. If he refuses to admit to his problem, not even she’ll be able to help him, and she won’t stick around to watch.


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