The Walker Five all in Audiobooks!

Last year, I set a goal: I wanted to get a full series in audiobook format. And I did it! Conflict of Interest had already been done. Then I managed to get Mustang Summer and Long Hard Fall, and thought let’s finish this!! Guilt Ridden and Mail Order Farmer were next. A whole series In audiobook! Amazon is a little backed up, so I don’t know when Guilt Ridden and Mail Order Farmer will become available.

Kate Marcin narrated them all. You might recognize her voice–she’s been in your ear for years. Kate’s done voice over for several companies including T-Mobile, Toyota, and Dove. Sometimes, I’ll be listening to a podcast and an ad will come on and I think…that’s Kate!

What’s 2021 going to bring? Should I do get one of my paranormal romance series in audio? The newest series, Oil Kings? I’m not sure, but it’s an exciting time!!

Conflict of Interest kicked it all off.

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