True Claim (Book 3)

Over a century ago, Bennett Young found his mate, a human woman he married, trusted, and was brutally betrayed by. With his one chance at happiness gone, Bennett’s thrown himself into his work, dreading the day his partners will have to put him down because he turned feral. Until a routine mission brings him face-to-face with his worst nightmare. A human mate. Discovering the evasive, petite woman is being hunted, Bennett can’t bring himself to abandon her.

Spencer King has a boy’s name and lives in the boondocks for a reason. The tall, sexy shifter that showed up on her doorstep was unwelcome…and pushy. The mating instinct she feels with him threatens everyone she’s worked to keep safe. Realizing the frustrating, brooding Guardian doesn’t intend to leave her alone, Spencer has to decide – stay and fight, or run for her life?




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